The AIOT is Australia's national association for orthopaedic/casting personnel.

Who We Are

The AIOT is an association for orthopaedic/casting personnel.

• The AIOT has representatives in every state except for ACT. 
• We are growing steadily in numbers, even though we haven’t advertised our association. 
• There are different levels of membership.
• Our association is interested in improving the skills, knowledge and recognition of orthopaedic/cast technicians.  


The AIOT started back in the mid 1990’s with Ron James as the founding President. Other founding members are Anne McArthy, Glenn Brown, Rod Lukey, Naomi Stanton and John Kinealy. 

The association grew quietly as the foundations were set. A meeting took place in Melbourne which was sponsored by Smith&Nephew, where the key personnel from each state gathered. The plan from that meeting did not eventuate, and AOTA evolved out differing opinions. 

Today the AIOT is stronger than ever, and is gathering more members each month. As technicians realize the importance of the Certificate IV in Cast Technology, so will they realize that the AIOT is behind it. The AIOT will be there for existing and future Orthopaedic casting professionals.

Our Board

The members of our board of directors are thought leaders who have made a significant contribution to our society.

Each and every one of them brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the AIOT.
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Terry James (Cert IV)

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Vice President
Greg Gysin (Cert IV)

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Stan Beausang

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Derek Matheve

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Board Member / Newsletter Editor
Robert Vragovski (Cert IV)

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Board Member
Jenny Dalton (Cert IV)

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Board Member
Trish Evans 

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QLD Representative
Craig Nean

Code of Ethics

The code of ethics for the AIOT is as follows:
  1. The orthopaedic Technologist has a responsibility to the patient to provide a professional standard of care and to be responsive to the patient’s needs.
  2. Respect the patient’s individual rights to privacy.
  3. Orthopaedic Technologists should be able to inform and support patient’s needs for informed decisions.
  4. Each member respects the patient’s rights to confidentially in all aspects of written and verbal health care.
  5. The member is accountable for the orthopaedic practice to maintain competence in ongoing education.
  6. The member respects the contribution of other member and other health professional development and standard.
  7. The member shall promote an environment in which the patient’s customs, needs and spiritual beliefs are respected at all times.
  8. A member may refuse to carry out any procedure which is legally the responsibility of another professional.
  9. It is the member’s responsibility to be aware of, and practice within the limits of any legislation pertinent to the area of professional conduct/practice.
  10. A member must promote co-operation between the medical profession, hospital and clinics at all times.
  11. Members must have a knowledge of current occupational health and safety procedures for a safe environment.
  12. The member must have an international responsibility to assist with the orthopaedic technology being non-political, non-sectarian, non-sexist and non-discrimatory.
  13. The institute is committed to equal opportunity, quality assurance and co-ordination of on-going programmes.
  14. Members shall exhibit the same ethical and moral standards outside their profession as within and they shall be ever conscious that the members reputation is of the Australian (Institution of Orthopaedic Technologists Inc.


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