The AIOT promotes the PEP program, runs hands–on casting workshops, and endorses the Certificate IV in Cast Technology.

PEP Program

The PEP (Professional Education Program) is the cornerstone of the AIOT. It ensures Fellows remain accredited, and Associate Fellows strive towards a common goal, (which is that all technologists/technicians remain at the pinnacle of our profession).  

We do so by encouraging our members to attend workshops/lectures and information evenings. Read journals and newsletters related to the orthopaedic/casting professional, and log all of these hours in the PEP handbook, which is submitted for verification every two years. 

Our founding President Mr.Ron James drafted and compiled the original PEP program and this was condensed by Glenn Brown. 


Mr. Terry James
AIOT President

Orthopaedic Technician Training Information Update

The diploma of Orthopaedic Technology has been developed in conjunction with industry experts by Skills IQ. This diploma supersedes the certificate IV in Cast Technology that was inadvertently removed from the national training framework around 2016. One of the reasons the certificate became defunct was because there was not enough interest in the casting certificate for RTO’s to maintain the certification program on their scope of practice.  Even though the certificate has now been increased to a diploma, no RTO’s or TAFE’s have shown interest in delivering the diploma.
Each state has a different model of whom applies casts. As you are aware, as well as technician’s, nurses, Physio’s, PSA’s/Orderlies all play a part in casting throughout Australia. However in lieu of no formal qualification in Queensland, we have managed to have discussions with Queensland health and the Australian Workers Union (AWU) over a six month period. These discussions resulted in Queensland health accepting the AIOT’s training modules as a comparative certificate to the now defunct certificate IV in Cast Technology. This program is headed up by our vice president Mr. Greg Gysin.

We will endeavour to keep you up to date with any developments through our web site, or feel free to contact our AIOT committee for any further information.

Casting Workshops

The AIOT from time to time will offer hands–on casting workshops ranging from the basic to advanced casting.

They are advertised in our newsletter and on our website. By becoming an AIOT member you are eligible for reduced rates for our workshops and seminars and receive up to date information from our newsletter.


The AIOT regularly runs events and conferences across Australia.

See below for our current and recently run activities.
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