The AIOT represents orthopaedic technologists across Australia, ranging from long-term professionals through to new members.

Application Form

Member Fees

Today, the AIOT is stronger than ever and is gathering more members each month.

By becoming a member you will join a growing association whose focus is to improve the skills, knowledge and recognition of orthopaedic/cast technicians across Australia.

A member who holds a qualification (Cert IV). 

Assoc Fellow
A member who is currently working towards a Fellowship in the AIOT. It takes 18 months to become accredited. Automatic upgrade to fellow is on completion of Cert IV. 

Ordinary Member
Casting/splinting accounts for only a small part of their overall duties. 

Fellow ( Cast Tech) 
$60.00 – Holds a Cert IV

Ass Fellow (Training Cast tech) 
$60.00 - Does not have Cert IV as yet but on the way to being certified

General members
These are all other allied health - nurses, physios, ward/ED PSA and orthotics.

Corporate Member

Any medical based company that is a sponsor of our assoc. Please contact your state representative.

Members Fees due annually 1st July please contact the Secretary via email